Rosalie’s Reactions: A Hot Wake Up Call


Hey! My name’s Rosalie Hobbs, I’m a Senior and a reporting staff member for the Ka Leo ʻO Nanakuli news writing class.

Recently, I’ve been given a chance to create a new column called Rosalie’s Reactions. In this column I’ll reflect on issues that affect all of us in school, at home, and in the community. I hope to give you a unique perspective to life in general.

So let’s get going with my first column.

Have you ever been in a deep sleep?

You know, the best kind, the kind of sleep that happens after completing a huge project or maybe after the big game.

Yes, it is the best kind of sleep.

But it can also be the worst.

It’s not the sleep part but the waking up part.

You are either shaken awake by a hurricane or yelled at from your parent to get the heck outta bed.

Well unfortunately for me, it was neither the case.

On a recent Saturday morning, I was as prepared as any sleep obsessed teenager could possibly be fast asleep and unaware of what was going on in my house at 7:00 am in the morning.

I was dressed in my normal half decent sleepwear with a messy bedhead, and of course, delayed processing, which probably explained why the slow agonizing humiliation of my circumstances came to pass the way it had.

I did not stay in that peaceful state for long. That morning, I was given a wake up call by the one and only Nanakuli Fire Department.


At first I was shocked, almost delirious as well because everything in my house seemed fine.

It took a few seconds of panicking and glancing around to realize my house wasn’t on fire and no one was hurt, even the firemen themselves seemed confused at that point.

Then the extreme horror came over me when I realized that the department’s captain and entire crew witnessed not only my terrifying appearance but the state of my room.

In order to get into my room they passed a door plastered with a gigantic poster of One Direction along with my entire Band Merch collection that swallows up most of my shelves.

On top of that, my obsessive tendencies lead me to organize my clothes for the day right by my door, and yes out in the open, because I almost always sleep in during the weekend.

Of course, I couldn’t afford to be late, so like any girl with logical sense, I placed the one item of clothing that I always struggle to put on at the top of the pile. That item just so happened to be my worn down strapless bra.

Nothing actually made any sense until my mother told them there was probably a mix up in the addresses.

So that day the Fire department left with a good laugh and a partial piece of my dignity, but I also took away something from that hilarious scenario.

Sometimes you’ll wake up and find yourself in a crazy situation and you just have to take a breath and redirect yourself to get back on track.

Most of all, feel bad about it, then laugh about it. I know I did and I’m sure the Nanakuli Fire Department did too.