Vaccinations From a Student’s Perspective

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Vaccinations From a Students Perspective

Shouldn’t we have a choice? Vaccinations are being mandated for everybody, and as we continue in school, we hear news about vaccinations being mandated to be able to participate in sports, and not too long ago, found out that even for extracurricular activities are needed to be vaccinated. There was even news that the sports season may not continue due to students and families not wanting to get vaccinated.

People should have the right to decide what goes in and out of their bodies. With the government mandating vaccinations, people are struggling to keep their jobs. Some jobs want their employees to be vaccinated for them to be able to keep it. A simple vaccination shouldn’t have such a big impact on a person’s job and school-related activities. Decisions should be made by the person who is getting vaccinated or not, not the government forcing the vaccine on people to get them. That’s just very injustice for the others affected in this matter. 

Force shouldn’t have been an option! Everyone already has it tough trying to stay 6 feet away from one another, the government shouldn’t force vaccinations on them too. I feel bad for those who don’t have a choice anymore. It kills that we are supposed to be in a world that lets us be free. According to the amendments we have so many free rights but the government finds a way to not let us have the rights we’re supposed to have. They should give back that choice because I don’t want to continue seeing everyone suffer from the loss of sports and school activities to the loss of jobs for some people. 

I know a family that has caught covid, they are all vaccinated but have it the worst. Some of them were even put in the hospital and this is a reason why the vaccination shouldn’t be mandatory. The vaccination isn’t even 100% effective, whether the body has it or not; Covid can still get to you. Covid is different in everybody, it all depends on how weak your immune system is and if you have any problems with your immune system. The right to decide whether we are vaccinated or not should come back!

As someone who is vaccinated, I would love to encourage getting vaccinated but I wouldn’t force it. Having that choice to have a dose of vaccine put in my body was good to have. Being able to choose should still be an option. With the government giving an option to get Covid testing each week if the vaccination isn’t an option for the people, isn’t that hurting the people’s pockets? It’s basically another way of saying “it’s either do the vaccine for free or spend your money before deciding to just get vaccinated.” Either way is difficult for each person, and it’s hard to watch on other people’s end. 

Do vaccinations really have to be mandatory? People will still get covid even though they are vaccinated! There is literally not much difference in the body with covid when you are vaccinated or not. Immunity is not a thing when it comes to your health. The healthiest people will have the will to fight covid like it’s the flu even with or without the vaccine. The unhealthy will still have the hardest fight with covid with or without the vaccine. The choice of getting vaccinated should be put back!