“As I See It” . . . New Column by Amber-Lei Curtis

Hamilton Review


Hello and good day, my name’s Amber-Lei and this is my column! Despite being quite quiet most of the time, I’m certainly not quiet about my opinions on things— like my favorite musicals! Today I’ll review this December’s biggest production in Hawaii, Hamilton! Now, as I’ve said, most of what I will say is purely opinion— if you disagree with me, that’s fine! 

Although nothing can beat the energy of Lin Manuel Miranda and the original Broadway cast of Hamilton, this tour can match it quite well. Starring Deaundre’ Woods as Alexander Hamilton and Donald Webber Jr. as Aaron Burr, the musical and experience was a sight to see. I won’t share any spoilers, but it goes to show that an extreme amount of care and consideration was put into the acting, choreography, and singing. Despite the amazing talent presented, there was one clear star: Morgan Anita Wood as Eliza Hamilton! Her vocals, the emotion in her voice— she played her part beautifully! 

I was a bit annoyed at the fluctuating volume levels during many of the performances; it felt as though much of the main cast wasn’t getting their moment to shine, because their voices were too quiet compared to the rest of the cast. These small elements were small, yes, but it made the show feel much more like a show and not a story; something that Hamilton’s original cast had no problem with. Along with this, the background elements that were left out of the production caused quite a disappointed face from me: the background cast “sleeping” on the stairs, the interactions they have as well as their movements were a lot changed. 

Other than my small nitpicks, this season’s production of Hamilton was simply amazing! Don’t just take my word for it, see it live yourself! And if you can’t? Watch the original production on Disney+! 

That’s all from me, but to end with a little quote from a huge musical: Everything is legal in New Jersey!