Doing So Fine

NHIS 8th grade student starts own business


In the midst of a pandemic, Fine by Jada, a lip gloss cosmetic brand, was born. But what makes this company unique is that it was started by 13-year-old NHIS 8th grader Jada Fine.

Jada’s company Fine by Jada sells lip glosses online through her website and her Instagram. Her lip glosses come in an array of colors, and she also offers bundles to her customers. The bundles can include lipgloss, false lashes, candy, and scrunchies.

Jada’s inspiration to start her business came from her father. “Every day, my dad would send me quotes or videos about starting a business, but I never thought of anything until I thought about lip products because I know that I do this daily.” 

Now, Jada owns her own lipgloss business, makes the glosses, and does the marketing for her brand. Jada explained, “I make my own Lip gloss, I market them on Instagram. I promote my Instagram posts of my products mostly every day, and that leads to more followers, likes, and customers.” 

Being a business owner can come with many struggles. “Some of the challenges are when I don’t have any orders for a whole week, but I never give up, and I keep promoting my business.” 

Jada also explained how starting her own business has helped develop her money managing skills. “I learned that you’ll struggle, but then you get to learn while you progress.”

For Jada, the most rewarding part of running her business so far was getting a large order from a customer. “The most rewarding experience I had was when I got this big order worth $50! I was so excited, and it was only my 2nd week in.”

Jada shared her future goals. “I have many goals for my business, but my most 2 important goals are to ship to all the states in the USA and make $700-$1000 by the end of this year.”

Jada’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is “If you really wanna do it, do it. Never give up. Believe in yourself and be patient.