Photography Class Back to Capture Student Life


The NHIS photography class is back this school year, now offered to high school students as an elective due to the high interest of students.

Photography teacher Gerald Lum opened the class up to high school students to provide more opportunities.

“Some students that I had in the middle school had been asking me to offer a class for the high school. Some of the things that I used to teach, somebody else is already teaching it, so I choose photography,” said Lum.

In the class, students work inside and outside of class to learn more than how to snap a picture.

“Students learn the fundamentals of photography. Things like how to compose pictures, working with camera, setting, and different styles of picture taking,” said Lum.

With photography being an elective again, many chose to take the class which introduced a problem that was unpredictable.

“I guess this being the first year, I really actually didn’t expect this many students. I expected to have one photography class, but to have six classes to teach, I don’t really have all the resources for the kids,” said Lum.

Even though there was a lack of resources, students still signed up for the photography class.

“It’s nice when you get a couple of kids who like to take pictures, that’s a good sign. Also now that there are some of my former kids from middle school, I get to see them in high school,” said Lum.

The work that the class produces is also shared with the public.

“When we do event stuff it goes to Mr. Kitsu’s website so he can post it. The stuff we do in class is just for me for grading,” said Lum.

One of the characteristics of the class that students appreciate is how Lum takes the time to explain topics and make sure that students understand what he is teaching.

“I take and evaluate pictures and read articles based on photo camera. There are no challenges. He makes the work easy for us. The work he gives isn’t challenging, but when it is, he finds a way to make us understand,” said Diamond Turner junior.

After a semester of teaching the class, Lum plans to improve the way he teaches.

“My planning needs to be better, definitely. We need to get more hands-on experience with cameras but that is going to require me getting new cameras,” says Lum.

The popularity of the class is not only attributed to learning the art of photography but is also because of the relationships that Lum has created through previous classes that he’s taught.

“I love his class. He expects us to work as hard as we can. I like how he explains the work to us so we can understand it better when we need help. I like how he manages to explain the work, so the work he gives is not that hard,” said Turner.

“The first time I did it, I didn’t know how to take the pictures and I thought I was doing it good. Then I realize it wasn’t, so the next time I did it, it was way easier,” said Kawehilani Baugh junior.

Even though it has only been a semester, students have already gained more knowledge on photography.

“Knowing the stuff that we learned from this class taking pictures is easier now. Like, now I understand more about how to take pictures with like, better quality picture,” said Baugh.