Why you should join the Ka Leo ‘O Nanakuli news writing program


Daphnei Hussein

Loretta Ables Sayre’s donation of over 250 fans last year was one of many stories covered.

Daphnei Hussein

My name is Daphnei Hussein and I was one of the two reporters on the news writing team for Ka Leo O Nanakuli in 2015-2016. Although I was a part of the newspaper for only one year, I can truly say that while being a reporter is not easy, I have learned so much within the one year.

I have learned that people are intimidated by interviews, that your articles could be offensive due to the truth and that the community needs a newspaper to keep themselves updated on current events and important stories that they may be unaware of.

Being a part of the news writing team has given me a voice to not only NHIS but also the community. I wrote 12 articles last school year and with each article, nine times out of ten, I have always been interested in what I was writing about or have found out information that in my opinion was shocking, interesting, or something I would never thought to be true.

That, in my opinion, is the beauty of being a news writer; you never get bored and your job is never over because everyday something new happens that you can write an article, editorial, or feature story about.

In my personal experience with Ka Leo O Nanakuli the challenges I have faced has pushed me into being a better writer due to writing and editing everyday and having Mr. Kitsu encouraging me to do my best. I have learned to never be lazy with my writing and when I was lazy or did not do my best, it would result into having second, third, and fourth drafts.

I encourage any NHIS student to become part of the news writing program because it has made me not only a better writer but has given me the opportunity to try something new and keep me well rounded. It will do the same for you.