Tips to make this school year special


With the first day of school comes first day jitters for every student. However, here are seven tips that will help all Golden Hawks make the best of the 2016-2017 school year.

#1: Cheer up by gearing up . . .

One way to beat the annual back to school summertime blues is by personalizing your school gear that a student motivated for the first few weeks. So instead of breaking out the tissues, try grabbing some school basics and head over to Youtube or Pinterest for some epic inspiration.

#2: Pokémon Go to class . . .

Despite the temptation you may feel when it comes to catching that elusive Snorlax, don’t forget about Lock Out. Be sure to make your way to class on time so you can catch all of your notes.

#3: Red light, green light, battery pack?

While we’re talking about our favorite apps, take some time to stop at the red light and talk about our new cell phone policy. This year our teachers and admin will be introducing a new policy created to encourage and enforce proper tech use throughout our classrooms, so keep an eye out for that one.

#4: New year, new classrooms!

This year, admin is asking students, staff, and teachers to take a second look at their schedules and school maps because we are officially making classroom use of our upper campus portables. Classes ranging from math to choir have been moved into their new rooms over summer break, so try not to get lost on the first day.

#5: Who’s that teacher?

Speaking of new, we have a fresh batch of energetic, and enthusiastic teachers jumping on board. Students will be given an awesome chance to work with our new educators throughout the upcoming school year.

#6: Lunch for one, lunch for all . . .

This year’s student meals will be extra special because all of it will be state provided for free for every student. Students will get two free meals a day.

#7: Get Involved . . .

To make the best of your school year and to help with your resume for getting into that college or getting that scholarship, get involved with the many different school activities. Join an athletic team, join one of the many after school programs such as Robotics, Performing Arts, or After School All Stars. Or you can participate in the various class level activities such as Homecoming, Pep Rallies, Songfest, and proms. Whatever you choose, being active will make your year more rewarding and will help you form a bond with others at the school.