New Year, New Hawks

Annual Welcome Back Assembly held on August

The NHIS Golden Hawks held their annual Welcome Back Assembly on August 17, 2017, and while many of the activities were the same, there were some new faces that have joined the Golden Hawk family.

The assembly began with the presentation of colors and the band trumpet ensemble playing the National Anthem and “Hawai’i Pono’i.”

After that, the administration of NHIS were introduced. Darin Pilialoha principal of NHIS asked the school for a moment of silence in remembrance of loved ones and others that were lost since last school year. Pilialoha then gave a speech about being a family and taking care of each other.

After the speech, the advisors of each grade level were introduced along with this year’s class council and the student government.

The student government then introduced the new teachers for this school year.

The student government decided to have the teachers walk down “a red carpet,” which was a black banner decorated with golden stars.

Some of the new teachers have worked at the school as assistants but have now earned their certification as Teachers.

The assembly ended with an acapella performance of the Nanakuli Alma Mater performed by Senior, Joshua Kila.

Before being dismissed from the assembly, the students were invited to participate in dancing to the “Electric Slide.” Teachers and students both came down to the floor to show school spirit and pride.

“Well, I liked the electric slide at the end, it was cute,” said junior Cheyanne Cabang.

“I did like how it was more exciting, but some of the new teachers didn’t know what to do so we looked a little embarrassing,” said junior Sabrina Kupa.

Other students who attended the assembly enjoyed the welcoming ceremony.

“I got to go up with the teachers and I got to dance,” said seventh grader Kailyn Oili.

There were also some students who thought the assembly was in need of better planning.

“I would have made sure that everyone knew their places and knew where they’re supposed to be,” said Kupa.

New teacher Thomas Ehrman 9th grade English teacher said, “I thought it was great fun. I loved meeting all the new faces and it was great to get excited for the new year. I thought that the way everyone was kind of pumped up and participating was really inspiring.”


Photos by Alysia Kepaa and Kylie Butler