Keep Your Cool, AC Coming


Nanakuli High and Intermediate School is facing a delay in the completion of the air conditioning installation in the school.

The original date for completion was thought to be completed by the beginning of this school year, however, multiple issues have now extended the completion date till November.

“November is the end of the contract, but if everybody is supposed to get AC and does not get AC then we have a conflict,” said Head Contractor Donald Clark.

Multiple concerns have arisen regarding scheduling of installation coinciding with the school schedule.

One concern is if the work will interfere with student learning.

Another concern is that the classrooms have plexiglass over the windows to seal the classrooms to keep the cool air in. However, because the AC will not be ready, there will be no way for teachers to open the windows to let any breeze in to cool the room.

Principal Darin Pilialoha had planned for these issues to arise. “We knew the project was not going to be finished before school started.  All the rooms that they did put plexiglass, they’re going to take it down until the whole units get installed and then they’re going to put it back up.”

Another reason for the delay was because the batteries from Tesla did not arrive yet.

“There are delays, and that’s with Tesla, and they are government contracted also, so they have more things on their plate. So we are working with them and trying to get everything as soon as possible,” said Clark.

Even with the delays with Tesla, everyone is still hard at work in getting the AC installed.

Clark said, “At this moment we are concentrating on getting all the components that are interior to the classrooms completed.”

Geraldine Moniz Transition to High School teacher finds the heat is unacceptable and with no air circulation, the heat will be intensified.

“No one likes to learn in an environment that is hot and uncomfortable. I don’t feel good about it, and it’s hard to teach kids when they’re worried about being hot and uncomfortable,” said Moniz.

Thomas Ehrmann NHIS English teacher understands that while there are challenges, the results will be worthwhile. “So far, I have no complaints about the construction, but I haven’t held a class yet, but if it turns out to be disruptive then that might be a problem, but I see no reason for it to be that way, yet.”

Even with the ongoing construction, only one building remains as a concern on safety, but teachers are still allowed in that building.

“They came up with one building that there was a possible problem with safety, and so before we proceed forward, they’re going to ensure that the roof is safe for us to proceed forward because the number one thing is for the kids to be safe in the classrooms.  But other than that, even that building, the teachers are still able to get in and is as planned,” said Assistant Principal Ami Akeo.

One compromise that the contractors are making is that they will work in the classrooms when students are not present. Thus, teachers and students will not have to move to another classroom, as originally planned.

“When school does start we don’t want to have to displace any of the students who are in their classrooms currently,” said Clark.

Clark said, “What is going to happen is it will go building by building, not by classroom. As the parts come in and come together, each building will turn on. By this Saturday, August 5th, we will have N Building turned on.”

However, as of August 7, N Building still had no air conditioning.