Shock and Surprise at State High School Newspaper Awards

Ka Leo `O Nanakuli newspaper wins three awards


Shock and surprised were the reactions from the members of the Ka Leo `O Nanakuli news staff at the annual State High School Newspaper Awards Luncheon held at the Pagoda Hotel on April 19, 2017.

The newspaper came away with three awards.

“I was shocked as we didn’t expect to win anything. After all the staff has gone through this year with students quitting and getting everyone to meet deadlines, I didn’t think we would receive any awards,” said Rosalie Hobbs who also received the award for the most valuable staffer on the Ka Leo `O Nanakuli news writing class.

The paper received the following awards in the public school category. They then competed against the private schools for the State award.

Best Editorial Public School written by Kylie Butler and Lahela Kaeo. 2nd place in State.
Best Blog Public School written by Rosalie Hobbs. 2nd in State.
Best Portrait Photography Public School taken by Alysia Kepaa. 2nd in State.

The newspaper also placed 3rd in the public school division for Best On-Line Newspaper.

“I know the Ka Leo on-line newspaper is important as I have heard many people say that it was because of the articles posted that they knew what was going on in the school and community. I hope we can continue doing this next year to keep informing everyone,” said Kylie Butler.

Advisor, Robin Kitsu, felt pride and joy when the awards were announced. “You always feel good when the student’s work is validated by professionals in the industry.”

The Ka Leo `O Nanakuli news writing class will once again be offered after school next school year. More information will be announced in August.

Rosalie Hobbs was selected the Ka Leo `O Nanakuli most valuable staffer.