Promposal for dummies


Zaccai Ceruti did his promposal to Veronika Sumyatina after the final performance of NPAC’s Once On This Island.

Prom. The night of nights where teenagers dress to the nines, dance, and celebrate each other’s company.

Being one of the few milestones in High School which marks a coming of age, or rather a right passage here in the United States, prom in all its glory is 90% preparation and 10% of actually attending it.

This year at Nanakuli High and Intermediate, Juniors and Seniors alike ARE more than ready to tackle their personal prom checklist which probably included: Dresses, Tuxedos, Limos, Corsages, and of course a very special “promposal”.

For those who still aren’t aware of what the term “promposing” means or where it came from, promposals are a trending concept where prom-goers put together elaborate proposals asking their dates in question to attend prom together.

The trend started on mainland, back around the year 2001, fast forward to present year 2017 the concept of promposals has been a widely adopted way to make each prom goer’s prom experience even more memorable.

So it was no surprise when quite a few Nanakuli High Schoolers witnessed 3 very special promposals this prom season.

From a completely public promposal between Senior couple Ka’ena Anakalea and Pumehana Gumban at Anakalea’s last home-based basketball games, to fellow Senior Kacey Maku’e and her drive out to Wai’anae High School in order to prompose to her long time boyfriend, the wide range of promposals styles refused to end there. Just days away from Nanakuli High and Intermediates School’s Jr./Sr. Prom, a last minute show stopping promposal was given by Junior Campbell student Zaccai Ceruti to Nanakuli High School Foreign exchange student, Veronika Sumyatina.

Each Promposal holds three key parts:

Extensive Planning – A. Who they wanted to spend the night with and why…
B. What means the most to the both of them…
C. When is the best time to ask…

Promposal receiver Pumehana said if the tables were turned she’d try to send him to the beach on a massive scavenger hunt since she know’s it’s one of Anakalea’s favorite places to be.

Final Preparations – A. Attain signs, gifts & goodies..
B. Arrange the place, people,
or way of travel to make it possible…

Promposal giver Kaena Anakalea ultimately utilized both friends and family for his gesture by asking his teammates to either help him carry out and hold signs or flowers in the middle of his court floor once the game was over.

Execution & Element of Surprise –
A. They didn’t spoil it. They followed through with the plan.

Anakalea’s promposal was so secretive our own staff at Ka Leo didn’t catch word of it til the morning after their promposal took place!

Promposal’s are very special to many individuals, and so are the reactions that’s evoked from each individual promposal, “It was the first time someone has ever done something special for me. I kind of cried and I was just so happy with how he did it,” said Gumban.

However not all promposals work out, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with planning to go by yourself and hang with pals through the night!

In fact that’s the other popular option when it comes to picking who you’d like to spend your time at prom with. Sure, prom is a great time to work up the courage to share your feelings for someone, but the main purpose of prom is just to get out of your shell period and enjoy it.

Dress up, dance til your feet is sore, and be sure to make a memory that will last a lifetime!