FINALLY! Air conditioning to be installed in classrooms


Kaui Leong

Soon, all classrooms at NHIS will be air conditioned.

In the beginning of the year, when everyone was coming off of Summer, the Nanakuli heat was more than terrible to the point where students would have to step out of class.

“We can’t concentrate in class and I would literally go out of class to walk around because of the breeze.” Kianie Kaaihue, sophomore.

However, the days of suffering from the heat may be coming to an end.

Ami Akeo, NHIS Assistant Principal, said at a faculty meeting in December that the state is planning on installing air conditioners in each classroom starting this month. It is estimated that it would not be completed until at least June or July.

“This is a part of the cooling classroom’s state program and project so the funds are coming from the state office,” said Akeo.

The air conditioners will all be solar based and will not be on the school’s electrical grid.

There will be some inconveniences affecting both students and teachers when installation begins. When a classroom is having the air conditioners installed, the whole class will need to relocate.

“We would need at least three days per classrooms for them to come in and do the electrical as well as installing the actual air conditioners,” said Akeo. “So to put it all together, we must prepare for the lots of shifting and adjusting this semester. It may become a little chaotic and a little confusing for kids.”

But when it is all over everyone will be much happier. Everyone will finally have what they have always dreamt of; a cool and comfortable classroom.

“Right now, there are no details of the plan of moving students to other classrooms because until we have the projective of when they’ll start, and what they are going to do and how much time they’re going to need in each classroom, we can’t lay out where everybody will be going,” said Akeo.

Even if our school is on hold for a bit until the construction company comes through. Again, plans so far will proceed and we will all be looking forward to a 2017 Nanakuli High and Intermediate air-conditioned school.