Ohana Night: An Opportunity to Learn 

Academies and electives share information on their course offerings


On October 11, 2022, at the NHIS Multi-Purpose Cafe, Ohana Night took place. The goal of the night was to introduce students and parents to the different academies, school programs, and electives.  

“Ohana night is great because it sees all the activities or curriculums that the kids can go into, looking at my son he’s into robotics, my daughter loves graphic design. This is good and this night shows what NHIS can offer,” said community member Pete Buentieo.

As the evening started, parents and students received an opening from Academy of Design and Technology (AoTD) Teacher Leader, David Kaniaupio and Academy Of Sustainability (AoS) Teacher Leader, Leinaala Salausa.

Students and parents received a Welcome Address from Principal Darin Pilialoha. After his welcoming, he introduced Culinary Arts teacher Carol West and her students who prepared the meal, and dinner began.

The band and NPAC also performed during the evening to showcase their respective programs.

As the night continued, Kaniaupio and Salausa introduce all the different academies, programs, and electives by walking to each table and allowing the students and/or teacher to share. One by one all the reps introduced themselves and what their academy/program/elective is and what it could do to help students.

“I wish more people could have joined next time and in all I think it went great. We got family here, just to support and to see what students were doing in school on the school campus,” said Treysten Yomes-Hooks, freshman.

Ohana night provided an opportunity for students to look into different programs and classes. In doing so students can find the academy and program of study that fits their interests and even passion.

While many were pleased with the event, some commented that there were some areas that could be adjusted to get more families moving and visiting each table and program.

“The audience was very respectful in remaining seated while the performances were going on but I would like to see more interaction with the families and the various groups,” said Pilialoha. “Overall it was a good turnout.”

“I learned that there are many different programs for students to join based on different interests like Band, JROTC, Culinary, and more. It really made me interested in the classes that I can take in the future,” said NHIS eighth grader Haedyn Carba.

The next Ohana Night is scheduled for February 7, 2023.