NHIS Homecoming 2022: Skankin’ the Spirit


The Homecoming Parade is one of the highlights of Homecoming week.

After all the challenges students and staff went through over the past three years, the NHIS family of students and staff prepared for Homecoming 2022. Even before the week of Sept. 12 started, students all across the school prepared for this year’s homecoming celebration. This year’s homecoming theme was “Skankin’ the Nite Away.”

Student council members were running around with an immense amount of patience, planning and perfecting everything until the very last second.

“The concern I had was that it’s been three years since we last did a homecoming. Knowing that the sophomores to seventh graders have never been in an assembly in the gym, never participated in the parade. It exceeded our expectations,” said Student Activities Coordinator Robin Kitsu. “The whole student council was excited to be able to have a homecoming week.”

“I don’t recall the crowd in the pep rally being that loud. It was a chicken skin moment,” said Kitsu.

Crossing Rain

On Monday, Sept. 12, NHIS was paid a very special visit from a local boy band, Crossing Rain, to kick off the Homecoming Week festivities.

Crossing Rain, a local K-Pop boy band consists of five members: Devin, Haru, Jorden, Monarch, and Shotaro. Each member was scouted individually via social media by TIRZAH Entertainment. Since they formed, they have performed several concerts locally and on the mainland as well as at various schools across the state.

As Crossing Rain made their grand appearance, the cheers and applause from the NHIS students echoed through the gym.  They started with the song, “Comeback 2.0” and ended with a cover of MKTO’s “Classic.”

Shouts of support were heard in the gym all throughout their performance. After their performance, students ran in line to get a picture with Crossing Rain; not everyone could get an autograph or a photo, but those who did immediately took to social media to share their experiences. 

“I genuinely liked it. It was nice seeing them in person instead of seeing them on video. They were really nice too,” said Eighth Grader Haedyn Carba

The Lockdown

On Wednesday, Sept. 14, NHIS had an unexpected lockdown. Rumors spread about what really happened; the school didn’t inform parents or guardians of the lockdown until after the school day was done and students continued through their class schedules afterward.

“Our campus was placed on lockdown as a safety precaution, following an altercation involving multiple students. School administration and the Honolulu Police Department responded immediately,” said Principal Darin Pilialoha in a letter and voice message sent out to all parents of NHIS students. “At no point was our campus under any threat of violence as proclaimed in online posts.”

“I think the school’s talking about reviewing some of our safety procedures, and possibly working on practicing your skills so that we are very prepared for this if it would ever happen again in the future,” said English teacher Kara Tatum. 

Students also voiced their concerns; some were scared and in shock.

Josh Kupiahea, a student government member who was in the gym setting up for the pep rally said, “At first I thought it was a drill, I asked Mr. Kitsu and he didn’t respond. That’s when I realized this is real and I got scared.” 

Others felt like the lockdown was not taken seriously enough.

“I feel like it could’ve gone more seriously. Everyone was joking about it. We werenʻt prepared for it. We were dancing the Cupid Shuffle in the cafeteria,” said Junior Riley Hoohuli.

Pep Rally

After the sudden lockdown on Sept. 14th, students attended the mandatory pep rally directly after the school day. 

Everyone involved in the pep rally for Nanakuli High and Intermediate’s 2022 Homecoming Week was at their highest energy levels during the assembly, from the band playing a fight song to the boom of applause for the Homecoming Court, and even with the surprise dance performance by three of the Academy of Design and Technology teachers and one of our security staff.

The classes competed in a cheer competition and the Pep Rally ended with speeches by Coach Kapaku of the JV team and Coach Devin of the Varsity as well as the football teams leading the school in the singing of the alma mater.

“Everybody was hyping up the football team, and our school, cause y’know—we love Nānākuli,” said Miss Golden Hawk Melody Makaneole-Baligad.


After the pep rally on Sept. 14th, those participating in the parade were already being rushed to prepare for the traditional walk up Nānākuli Avenue.

During the parade, students and faculty as well as a few special guests marched up the avenue, with the Varsity Football team jogging behind all of the other cars.

“It’s a lot more planned out this year, it’s a lot more hype,” Senior Nehemiah Naki.

As everyone marched up the avenue, many of the different grade levels who were participating also gave out their own treats and smiles. 

“I feel happy for everyone because they’re getting the chance that we didn’t,” said Class of 2022 graduate Jasmine Raposa.

Overall, the Homecoming Parade received much praise and cheers from all of the family and friends that watched on the sidelines as Nānākuli High and Intermediate’s supporters enjoyed a golden hour in the valley.

Homecoming Game/Halftime

As the Nānākuli Golden Hawks football team made their way onto the field the overflow crowd begin cheering.

“The Nānākuli boys, I’m actually proud. They’re doing better this year. Just keep up the good work,” said Class of 2019 graduate Jerryann Tukumoeatu.

The JV football team had a rough start; they lost 26 to 0 to the Waiʻanae High Seariders but they pushed on and made their community and school cheer even louder throughout the game.

When the Varsity game began against the Kalaheo Mustangs, the varsity boys stepped up and played their hardest. 

During Halftime the Homecoming Court had been seated and well accounted for.

Homecoming Queen Shayland Jane Teriipaia said, “As the queen, I was in charge of all the decorations, and, like, figuring out a stage and where we were gonna sit for the game, but overall, it was okay, like, we got through it.” 

The band students and alumni band members led by Randal Vause cheered and screamed for Nānākuli; the volleyball girls’ team screamed and shouted even with the down pouring rain, which didn’t stop them. 

After playing in the rain, NHIS Varsity won 40-0.

Homecoming Week Results

During the week of homecoming, all the student grade levels battled it out for the Jackie Ku Spirit Mace with their own tactics.

Tying for first place for the Spirit Week Dress up were the Class of 2025 Sophomores and the Class of 2026 Freshmen.

Along with the dress-up day winnings, the Class of 2025 Sophomores also got other achievements; including the pep rally banner winner, parade marching unit winner, parade participation winner, and parade marching banner winner; with all of these, the class of 2025 won the Jackie Ku Spirit Stick for their achievements.

When it comes to the cheer competition winners, that award was given to the Class of 2023, the soon-to-be-leaving seniors of NHIS.

After 3 years of no traditional Homecoming, the 2022 Homecoming Week gave everyone a chance to celebrate and show their school and class spirit.