Itʻs Been a Long Wait

Homecoming 2021 modified this year


Seniors work on a banner for the Reverse Parade to support their class.

Homecoming is a time to welcome back the graduates of NHIS and to celebrate the current students with activities and spirit competitions. Homecoming is when every grade can show their school spirit. 

I’m excited to have activities back although not like before at least we have something for the students. I like the reverse homecoming parade idea and having a court,” said Student Activities Coordinator Robin Kitsu.

Students and staff are working hard planning for big events much like a homecoming.

“I feel great regarding homecoming this year. The class advisors and the class leaders are doing their best in planning a huge and important event such as the homecoming,” said Senior Class Advisor Charline Watson

This year’s theme for homecoming is “Under The Golden Stars”.  The purpose of homecoming is to welcome back former students and members and celebrate. Homecoming will be November, 29 – December, 3. 

“I like the various activities and the fact we get to welcome back the alumni. But this year is extra special as we have not had any activities since 2020 so it’s good to give students something to celebrate again,” said Kitsu.

The homecoming parade will be on December 2 from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. This year’s “Reverse parade” NHIS participants will be assigned to an area around the middle field and will be holding banners, signs as the community drives through. 

“My favorite part is the parade and this year it’s the reverse Homecoming parade . . . different in that the community gets to drive by into the school and the school groups get to stand in place and cheer and wave,” said Kitsu.

The NHIS Leadership Class has been helping out with making banners and signs for Homecoming. The class councils have been helping their respective classes with making their class competition banners. Events like Homecoming allow students, staff, and the community to show their school spirit.

“Yes, I like homecoming because it’s like any other activity we do and brings up our school spirit just like spirit week. It hypes everyone up and puts everybody in good spirits. With covid and everything having a modified homecoming is better than nothing,” said Senior Minna Budomo.