What Our Sports Season Looks Like So Far

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What Our Sports Season Looks Like So Far

With many unknowns to our athletic sports season, I have conducted interviews with Coach Ray Gomes our Nanakuli High Security/Wrestling Head Coach, and Andrew Moody the Athletic Director. I asked them a series of questions to uncover information for students and athletes that want to know what the current situation is. The information I have gathered can possibly change as the Athletic Department, DOE, and the Governor makes decisions and adjustments to the mandates          

 Academically, maintaining your grade is still vital to play. If the school were to go back to full distanced learning, sports could be put on hold. The DOE would then make the decision if sports can continue or not as it depends on Covid numbers and safety regulations.

Moody believes the vaccination deadline for Winter and Spring Sports would be the start date of the specific sport or any time prior to that where the coach of that specific sport starts conditioning. 

Student-athletes who are vaccinated must present a copy of their vaccination card to the school in order to participate. An unvaccinated player is unable to participate unless they sign a form stating it’s a medical issue or a religious exemption. Unvaccinated players must also get tested twice a week. These guidelines also apply to coaching and volunteer staff. All student-athletes will follow DOE protocols in case of exposure or positive test results. Coaches may use distancing strategies during practices to lessen the chance of exposure. 

Currently, spectators are not allowed at games, however, there is a possibility of games being streamed.  

As fall sports are happening right now, we need to be prepared for sudden changes, new restrictions, keeping our players safe, keeping each other safe, and having a delightful sporting season. With these new variants, how will we be proactive about protecting ourselves? Home and school life will play an important role in keeping ourselves safe. As a community, we need to understand the importance of sports as it helps us grow and become good members of society.