Hopfe Returns in New Role


After serving as a teacher at NHIS for thirteen years, Kainoa Hopfe steps into the role of NHIS Assistant Principal replacing retired Assistant Principal Corrina Luna.

Hopfe previously worked as a teacher teaching English, Math, Science, Health, and Physical Education. He also served as an advisor for the Yearbook and served as an Instructional Coach.

“Two years ago, I began my journey into administration as a Data Coach and TA Vice-Principal at Lahaina Intermediate School.  Last year, I completed my Administration certification at Kanoelani Elementary School.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to come back to the school in which I had the honor of serving.”

While Hopfe was teaching at NHIS, he experienced the many rewards there are in being a teacher. Hopfe said, “The most rewarding experiences I had as a teacher was coordinating and hosting the Sustainability Summit, Health & Fitness Fair, and STEAM Fair.  The events allowed our students to showcase their learning with others and provided an opportunity for our community partners to work with our school and be recognized.”

The transition from teacher to assistant principal brought many changes and new challenges for Hopfe while at Kanoelani Elementary School. “Recess and Lunch times are very different considering the difference in the size of the students and the need to supervise recess.  Kindergarten students are much different from 12th-grade students.”

Hopfe also faces a new challenge to navigate through; a global pandemic, COVID-19. 

ʻ“Currently, the most challenging aspect of being an Assistant Principal is navigating through our ever-evolving situation with COVID-19 and ensuring that we have systems in place for when students and teachers return for face to face learning. “

Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, Hopfe keeps his goals steady for his role as Assistant Principal.

“Nurture a positive culture and climate where all students want to be at NHIS every day, support NHIS’s initiative to implement an academy model with aligned programs of study that support each individual student’s goals and passions, and ensure students achieve at a high level and be ready for college and careers.”

To the students, staff, and the NHIS community Hopfe said, “Believe in yourself and your ability to be what you want to be if you are willing to work hard for it.”