Robotics Students Make an Impression

Presentation Garners Accolades


Erica Marie Fulgencio, Havenrae Laggui, and Phreya Costales who are members of the NHIS Robotics Team gave a virtual presentation that impressed many audience members with not only the content of the video but also the poise the students showed.

According to Robotics teacher Richard Enright,

“The video is about the challenges the ladies face when it comes to competing in a male-dominated profession.  I would say 90% of all the competitors are male and the only all-female teams are at Sacred Heart and Nanakuli.  Being an all-female team at a public school is challenging when they compete, a lot of the male teams don’t respect their ability and when it comes to alliance selection they get overlooked by the top teams, even when they beat them in qualification matches.  This is their video about the challenges they see, this is video 2 originally they gave a similar presentation at the Hawaii ACTE conference in January, some of the attendees were so impressed by their presentation they nominated them to speak at Schools of the Future.  After this presentation, I have been asked if they would participate in another conference.”

Here is the link to the video: