Failure Not an Option

Student Government Editorial


The pandemic has been a big change in the world. People are slowly adjusting to the matter but it is affecting schools to where there is a higher percentage of students that are failing. Students from many schools, including NHIS, are failing which is causing a big problem to their education. Education is an important thing in a person’s life. It helps them learn different things, grow, and also become a better person that they can be. Most students are failing because they do not have the support and motivation that they need.

Giving students the motivation to participate in class will help with their grades. If students fail, they will be held back a grade level.  Students need motivation from not only their teachers but people around them at home like their parents or siblings. Seniors will be most affected by it because their GPA will drop and colleges won’t be interested. Colleges will deny them due to their flunking grades and won’t have an interest in them. Seniors will have a hard time graduating and schools will have a lower graduation rate as well. 

I know a  family member that wasn’t attending her classes and not completing her work due to no motivation. She does not attend class because she is camera shy and prefers going to school in person instead-but going to school in person is not an option. She has been distracted at home because she had to watch her siblings during class. I have been motivating her to go to class and complete her assignments by explaining what the consequences will be if she fails. Motivating her helped her realize and understand what needs to be done and what are her priorities.

Nanakuli High and Intermediate School has come up with a solution. Their solution was to make students go to class virtually every day instead of every other day. Having students going to school every day is not really a good solution because it is giving them more classes that lead them to fail. If students were already failing, then what makes them think adding more days of class is going to help. Now, students need more motivation to be going to class more often due to this solution.

I disagree with the solution that our school has come up with. I think the school needs to start bringing back students that are failing. At least the students that are failing will have a better chance of passing so they can have some one on one discussions with their teachers. The students that are doing great with online classes wonʻt need to go back to school just yet due to the COVID. Students that are failing can go to school, while using a mask, and keeping their distance to stay safe and avoiding the virus. 

Students at Waianae High School are starting to go back due to the number of students that are failing. There are only 3 students in each classroom, 1 teacher and 2 students. The kids that are failing are the students that have gone back to school because their parents thought it was a great idea to bring up their grades. I think this solution will be a better way to have a higher graduation rate and a better amount of students that are passing.

If the school does nothing about this matter then we will have a high failure rate. There could be no room for credit recovery and that would be a huge problem. Students will want to be making up their grades last minute with credit recovery because they are failing. Failing is a huge issue with this pandemic and we need to do something to solve this problem.