School, Then and Now

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Dominic Manuwa

This school year is getting more frustrating and longer than I thought it would. There are no sports, no clubs, nothing. This year just isn’t it. The teachers are sending out about five assignments every day. Sometimes I get assignments at night. This is not a school. 

The teachers explain things better when we are in class, like actually in school in the classrooms. I hope things can go back to normal to have sports, clubs, and stuff like that. Back in school, we got to hang out with our teachers and friends. Now, we can’t even hang out with them. We can facetime or call them or text them. But we can barely see them because a lot of my friends live outside Nanakuli. Good thing, my close friends all live in “da valley” lol.

I still go to the beach and go hiking, and I play basketball and volleyball with a lot of my friends just to stay active. I like to work out and run around the valley, so I stay fit if we have volleyball or baseball this year. I hope I get to play at least one sport. I wanted to play volleyball and baseball for my senior year. We will just have to wait and see if there will be those sports. I started playing sports in my sophomore year. That year, I played football, baseball, and volleyball. Junior year, I played half a season of football, and I went to play baseball and volleyball, but the season got canceled due to COVID. 

Out of all those sports, I feel like baseball is my favorite. My coach Donald Kapaku is the best coach in the world. He will literally start off at the basics to make sure we get down everything before advancing to the next level even though half the team knows this sport. 

And I miss the activities such as May Day Ho’olaule’a. We all miss it. Itʻs a time for our community to come out together and just enjoy ourselves in our valley. There are live performances and food trucks, people sell things, and even our sports teams and school clubs have their setups to sell items too. I just like seeing Nanakuli come to one area to enjoy themselves and just hang out and maybe run into their old classmates and friends. That was back in my first year and before. Now, we don’t have any of this. 

To be completely honest, I don’t think we will be back in school. I don’t think there will be sports, or a prom, or a homecoming. This is not how I wanted my senior year to be.