First Day of School a Bit Hectic



Jayzel Mendoza

Selfies were the rage on the first day of school as friends got to meet up again.

Hello Everyone, my name is Alysia Kepa’a Senior and Student Government President. 

The first day of school was a bit crazy or you could even call it “Wack” because it was a madhouse.

A-Building the Office was packed. Everyone was trying to change their schedules and students were trying to get their schedules. By the time it reached 7:30 am it started to become more packed. There were even some kids that were at the office waiting since 7:00 am. 

Hallways were filled, parents were waiting, cliques started to grow bigger but the good news is that people were still patient. 

There were signs on the gate in front of the office but I guess students couldn’t see it. So one of the office staff had to make an announcement that “If you do not have your schedule, go to the other side of the building.” 

From that point on, the hallways became less packed. Then another announcement was made “If you are trying to change your schedule you need to make an appointment with your counselor and they will contact you.”

Next year, the hope is that students do come on packet pick up day to get their schedules. Yah, I know what you are going to say, “But only 10 to 12th graders were able to pick up their schedules.” But the crowd today were the upperclassmen. Underclassmen received their schedules the day before on Wednesday.

Another suggestion is that the signs could be larger and higher so people could see. Also, the staff in charge of the whole process could come earlier so students who do arrive to school early can get processed.

Though it was the first day we still pulled through. Next time I do hope that students and parents come to packet pick-up, so that it will not be this crazy ever again so that everything can run smoothly as possible.