Welcome Back Assembly 2018 Video

Jasmine Kamanaʻo, Alexsandra Woode, Jhazmn Kerisiano, Kaua Boyer, Destiny Tabag, Le Jolie Plunkett-Kaeo, and Elexizijah Aipoalani-Tuaoi-To'otoo

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NHIS held its annual Welcome Back Assembly on August 10, 2018. The assembly was an opportunity to introduce new faculty and staff and Student Council members.

“I thought it was very organized. The MCs were well spoken and we got to meet everybody in the council by name and face. I got to see a lot of new faces. I’m very excited for school year. We have a lot of new stuff coming in, a lot of changes with how things are being done in the classrooms so we’re excited to keep students motivated,” said Karena Escalante teacher.